Qualities of an Effective Property Manager

Peter Bubel
2 min readDec 8, 2020

Property management is a career that intersects and overlaps with other different fields such as construction, insurance, law, accounting, and marketing. This makes it challenging to find an ideal property manager to manage your property. These are the three main qualities that a property manager must possess to take care of property effectively:

They Must Be Transparent.

Transparency is the foundation of trust. When hiring a property manager, real estate investors and property owners place a lot of confidence in them. There have been numerous reported incidences of property managers not reporting collected rent. Read all reviews available online about the property management company to reduce risk. Businesses with a lot of negative reviews are more likely to provide poor services. Ask to speak with former and current clients to find out how transparent the company is. Check if the

company has listed prices on their website. Many companies that don’t publish

their rates may not be trustworthy; they could be treating clients differently and charging different rates for the same services.

Maintenance Capabilities

After researching and finding the perfect property manager, it’s crucial to determine the organization’s capabilities. Property maintenance is one of the most costly expenses that property owners encounter; it can also be a drawback if mismanaged. Hiring a company with an in-house maintenance department will help you understand how much control they have over turnover and maintenance quality. If maintenance work is subcontracted, it’s impossible to keep the prices down, enforce deadlines, and ensure quality. Subcontractors are in business to make money; they may deliver poor-quality work to maximize profits.

Limited Scope

If a company has good maintenance capabilities and is transparent, you should also ensure it has a limited range of practices. Don’t settle for managers with other responsibilities or those who work part-time; resources are minimal. Hire a company that is entirely focused on property management and avoid those that lack focus. Specialization is an essential key attribute of any industry leader. We recommend that you find a property manager who owns at least one or more rental properties; they will be more inclined to better care of your property.



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